Wednesday, October 21, 2009

US Residents Must Prepare

I promise I will get back to the version readability posts. I have had a lot on my mind lately and I think it is important that you read what I am about to write. You may have noticed that an ex-Goldman Sachs exec was just named to be COO of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Obama (who I voted for) is doing nothing about corruption and it will hurt us all badly in the years to come as the oncoming crisis is NOT averted.


With the headwinds facing us (corruption, no manufacturing base, declining dollar) it seems amazing anyone can hold off the inevitable, but a cabal of extremely powerful elites will stave off the crisis for their own purposes (and in doing so, make it much worse) until late in the game, no earlier than 2014.
We are in the late stages of the unraveling; this is one last call for personal preparation. One shouldn't assume the US will emerge victorious from the coming armed world crisis; as a matter of fact, there are no structural or strategic reasons to believe this will even be a possibility. Is the chance that a mid-crisis game-changer will give the US the upper hand worth risking your lifestyle and the tranquility of your family? Serious consideration should be given to emigration.
Obama (whom I voted for) is doing nothing to stop the corruption, thereby allowing the US to continue its plunge into crisis. Even his commendable domestic initiatives (health care, financial regulation, environmental issues) are hobbled because of corrupt influence.
In a twist of irony, the very right-wing who are carrying water for these elites and corporate fat-cats will be the beneficiaries of Obama's failure to halt the slide into crisis.
In 2012 or 2016 we are going to get a president that makes G.W. Bush look like a pansy. And America will laud him. He will climb on the back of Obama like Obama climbed on the back of Bush. And we will give him our liberties in exchange for security. And he will take us to war.
Fascism has come to America and will bloom fully in Obama's wake. Our country is divided and will remain so. The right will ascend, and they will assume a mandate to extinguish the so-called "liberal" elements. Having given up liberties, a civilian military force very much similar to the Nazi SA will be tasked with providing for our "security" but will also function as a harassment squad for these "liberal" elements.
A majority of the evangelical and fundamentalist churches will align with this new order mainly in the interest of finally winning the culture war, but also in the same self-interest that will have drawn Americans in general into this state.
And do you think this new, fascist regime will wait to strike? Most certainly not! The idea of "pre-emptive strike" will undergo a revival. Having deployed troops within its own borders to maintain security, it will strike at external perceived threats. And the world will abide this for a time, because we are the US.
The world will eventually strike back at us.

I am about to say a hard thing- if my vision of the US comes to pass, then it is not a country that I want to see win that fight. History will wreak its destructive judgment on this nation- rather, God will have His judgment. Not because of the sins of individuals as many conservatives think, but because of the sins against humanity that are and will be perpetuated by our government, and mostly because of a adulterous American church who has played the harlot by selling herself to the political system in the form of the "religious right." You see, God is not as concerned with our nation as He is with His church. He will truly winnow the church, the chaff will blow away, and the wheat will endure through great tribulation.

We are reminded of the warning of Revelation 18:4-
"And I heard another voice from heaven saying, 'Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.'"

You can have faith now, and leave. Or have faith later, and endure. Your faith will be tested no matter what. Will you be simple, or prudent?

Proverbs 22:3-
"A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, But the simple pass on and are punished."

I am not a prophet. If I am anything, I desire to be a prudent man that foresees.
What am I doing to prepare? I am praying that God would open a door for me to escape what is coming to pass. Maybe you can start there. Maybe you need to let go of your attachment to the American way of life. Actually, I know you do. If you don't now, you will later. Even now, millions of people made homeless by the current recession are learning the lesson we all will learn eventually.

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