Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apartment Hunting Stories

You know it's not the right apartment for you when:

You schedule a showing and 7 other people show up too. The agent is 20 minutes late and doesn't have a key. This was the same place that tells you they don't schedule showings in advance; you have to wait for them to call you the day before they are ready to show, and you must accept whatever time of day they come up with.

You love the apartment until you check out the bathroom and find the painters left a "present" in the bowl.

You call the number listed on the advertisement and get the voicemail, just to find out that if you are having an emergency, to hang up and dial the number you just called.

It's Saturday so you decide to check out two places that have office hours on Saturday. They're both closed.

While you are out on Saturday, you drive by another place that interests you. The office is closed, but you have no way of knowing when they are open, because while Mon-Sat is on the board, the times are scraped off. Apparently they don't staff that office?

This all happened to me within the last few weeks. I have never met with as much complete inflexibility as I have when dealing with property management. For example, I have a dismissed eviction on my record due to a clerical error, because it should have never been filed. I have actually been turned down over this.

All you people looking for an apartment- how they treat you as a prospective tenant is a
pretty good indicator of how you'll be treated once you move in.

All you landlords out there- please try to be professional.

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