Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can You Find It in Scripture?

Raised as a fundamentalist, if it can't be found and proven from Scripture, it isn't a part of the Christian faith. And yet, Scripture feels so out of tune with the reality of day-to-day faith. But this is so not because it is true per se, but because of the narrowness of application. It is unfortunate that the fundamentalists who have struggled to maintain Sola Scriptura end up using that Scripture to codify their own vision of church and social life, turning the Scriptures into an out-of-touch, out-of-context, irrelevant text.
The Apostle Paul proclaimed the Good News not because he exposited it from the Old Testament, but be because he was an Apostle and witness to the glory of Christ. He expected his followers to search the Scriptures to see if it was so. Perhaps we need to get back to that today. Yes Scripture is important, but instead of judging teaching by the understanding of Scripture we have already attained, perhaps we should judge teaching by whether it is at all possibly consistent with the Scriptures. In other words, don't ask if what someone is teaching matches up with what you believe the Scripture to teach. Ask if it is possible that the Scriptures can be shown to possibly be consistent with what an someone teaches.
Exposition is important, but so is an ability to induce Scriptural truths from the realities of Christian life. I've seen groups go too far in both directions.

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