Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Resolving Chrome Slowdowns

Are you using Google Chrome and has it become intolerably slow now? Is Chrome always hanging up on webpages saying "Waiting for (page)" or "Waiting for cache"? Try the following steps until the problem is gone, making sure to restart Chrome after each step:

1. Wrench>Options>Under the Hood, uncheck "Help make Google Chrome better..." then restart Chrome
2. Wrench>Options>Personal Stuff>Clear Browsing Data, only check "Empty the cache" and then choose "Everything" from the dropdown, click "Clear Browsing Data"
3. (Windows) Wrench>Options>Under the Hood>Change Proxy Settings>LAN Settings and uncheck everything.
4. Wrench>Options>Under the Hood, uncheck "Use DNS pre-fetching..."
5. (Windows) Close Chrome, go into the Control Panel under Internet Options and then choose the "Advanced" tab, and click Reset. Allow it to reset everything.
6. Uninstall the AdBlock extension. Perhaps use AdThwart instead.

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