Monday, October 25, 2010

How I Feel

I saw this comment from "Dave" over at Stuff Fundies Like:

"What amazes me is that, in all my years in Evangelicalism, I never learned anything about the mind blowing ramifications of the Incarnation. It was all Penal Substitution, Penal Substitution, Penal Substitution. None of this second Adam, new creation, God condescending to unite himself with his creation, Christ retaining a glorified body in Heaven stuff."

That is exactly how I feel! Only I am just starting to grasp it. I don't feel like I really get it yet. A Penal Substitutionary Christ only gets you so far. It gets you through the door of salvation and leaves you in the foyer. No wonder I sometimes feel like leaving. And most of the people around me are content to cram that foyer full of people.

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