Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tech Support Gripe

We are not responsible for incidental or consequential inconveniences or damages arising from issues with our software and hardware.
This includes the guy I spoke to who purchased our software on the very same day he needed to get a project done with it, or else he was going to lose thousands of dollars. I'm sorry sir, but you should've given yourself more than 24 hours if that much money is on the line.
This includes the other guy who brought his computer in to be worked on, the one he used to do payroll for his employees. It was payday, and he had no backup computer system. When he learned that his computer would not be ready that day, he got upset and wanted me to come outside and tell one of his employees that they weren't going to get paid because of it. Sorry dude, you should have a second backup computer for your business, and a paper-based, manual way to cut checks for payroll. I mean, what if your electricity went out?
I hate it when customers back themselves into a tight corner and then lash out at me when they can't make some deadline. If I was their consultant, being paid $100 or more per hour, it might be different. When I am getting paid less than $15 per hour by my employer and you are one of many, many, customers, I just am not in a position to work miracles.

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