Tuesday, January 04, 2011

ICR and Xmas

The December 2010 issue of "Acts & Facts", the periodical produced by the Institute for Creation Research, had as its cover article, "XMAS/Removing the Reason for the Season."
"Oh good grief," I thought. What truck does the Institute for Creation Research have with "Xmas"?
And closer to home for me, a stack of these prominently displayed on the literature table at my church. Arrggghh!
Anyways-- "X" quite simply, has always been an abbreviation for "Christ." Sometimes, you'll see the term "Xianity," but nobody is trying to strip "Christ" out of "Christianity" when they use that term.
Even in the Acts & Facts article, a FOOTNOTE says:

"X has long been a mathematical symbol for an unknown variable. X later came into use as an abbreviation for the name Christ because it is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστος (“Christ”). To the vast majority of people in our culture, however, the X in “Xmas” would be completely meaningless, effectively removing the Reason for the season."

Way to utterly play down the non-sensational truth of the matter! Additionally, the use of X as a variable in algebra came much later after Christ, so ICR is flat out wrong here. Instead of informing readers about what "X" really means, historically, they confirm people's utter ignorance by using the article to blather on about the ACLU, Halloween, Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

...as if the "Xmas" pseudo-controversy wasn't SO ignorant to begin with. I have lost nearly all respect for ICR.

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