Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fix for Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 Stiff Spacebar

I just purchased a Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 from Best Buy, since my wrists were starting to complain. It is a great ergonomic keyboard; however, one thing is exceedingly bothersome... the stiff space bar. If you don't hit it just right there is too much resistance.

I searched the web for solutions. I ran across , which suggested one of the following:

1. Twist the ends of the sway bar under the space bar, or
2. Remove the sway bar altogether

Neither worked well for me. I finally came up with a solution that really solves the problem:
Break off the inner sway bar clips.

If you pull out the space bar and look underneath, the metal sway bar is secured in two places on both sides. I pulled the following picture from the site above and added arrows to show you what to do. What you what to do is break off one side of both inner clips:

Update 2/12/15: I recently bought another one of these keyboards and have found that the space bar is just fine as is and I haven't needed to do this. It seems like Microsoft has improved the keyboard in recent revisions.


JD Phillips said...

okay thats nice. how in hell do you replace the damn thing. for the life of me I cant figur out how to put it back on! and everywhere I look on the internet there os 1001 post on how to clean and remove it. not one on how to put it back together. PLEASE HELP!

JD Phillips said...

ok I am retarded. I had the sway bar on backwards with the hooks inset. sorry for being all hyperbolic there. :) your fix worked great BTW

Chapel said...

ha, that did work. it's not perfect, but it's better.

Tim Edwards said...

Wound up here from Google. I didn't have a spacebar that was tough to press, I had one that would always stick down and not rebound. This worked well for me. The spacebar is noisy now, but it works.

Gregory Stahl said...

this works ok,but not great