Monday, December 19, 2011

The Call to Action

When we define ourselves by our associations we mold those associations into our own image. To an extent, an association is always molded by its members. To another extent, such molding is simply a deluded self-projection onto the group. It can be a positive delusion that conveys belonging where it does not exist, or it can be a negative delusion that denies belonging where it does exist. Such self-projection onto the broader group is ultimately unavoidable and can be exploited as a matter of power, being the exploitation of one's own projection to redefine others into your influence, or the exploitation of another's projection to deny the what inconvenient truths it may bring to light. Thus, groups are ever shifting, ever changing, molded and serving the centers of power while disenfranchising the sincere and confounding the honest. So it is in the age of the individual, the tyranny of the institution gives way to the silent mockery of a false association that is only ever defined by the strong who constantly shift the contours of that association to expel the minority. "We are autonomous" and yet "we stand in solidarity"; "We agree on these matters" and yet "we don't agree"; "there is room for you" but "you don't really fit in here." The individual is wont to give up and return to a simpler time, and what passes for thoughtful critique is easily reduced, as deemed necessary, to thoughtless generalities that "no longer apply." Bias then becomes a useful tool in admitting the reality of a situation when the theory has slithered away into the dicey equivocation that plays confidence tricks on the human mind. At some point one must stop and say, "it is so," when others insist it is not. The establishment of reality in the face of plausible falsification is the first courageous step toward action that lifts the individual above the new tyrannies established through the occupation and subsequent subversion of that old association that once guaranteed life and happiness. Our task is then first to understand reality, and then proclaim it against the contrary equivocations of the tyrants, then set ourselves to independently associate and occupy in the face of tyranny. Gone are the days of argument; present with us is the necessity to act, to take, to occupy this world as if it were ours, because it ours, and it is this truth above all that tyranny seeks to blind us to.

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