Friday, April 19, 2013

Clonezilla Refuses to Mount Network Share

If you are creating custom menu options in the Clonezilla menu that include mounting a network share, but it refuses to mount (and you only get savedisk - savepart - exit options) check the password. If it contains any special characters, especially an exclamation point, try not specifying the password in the mount command--just specify the username by using "user=username" instead of "user=username,password=password". On boot, you will be asked for the password. Enter it, and the share should mount. If it does, then your password is confusing the command parser. You will need to change the password to eliminate special characters or live with having to enter the password on every boot.
(If it doesn't mount, you have the password wrong. :)  )
One website says you can try to get around this issue by doing "user=username%password" instead of "user=username,password", but that method was not successful for me.
I wasted upwards of 6 hours on this issue before figuring this out. However, I was unable to change the password as it is embedded in other software. So I simply created a second account with all the same access on the server but with a simpler password, and used that instead.

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