Saturday, November 02, 2013

Repeated Security Settings Prompt in Internet Explorer and Unable to Reset User Customizations

This problem involves receiving a prompt saying that your current security settings put your computer at risk. Even though you tell it to fix it, it keeps coming up everytime you go into Internet Explorer. The first thing to try is to go to Internet Options>Advanced and choose Reset. When resetting, choose also to delete personal settings.

If this does not work, you will need to delete your user profile. Login to another account with administrator access to the local computer (create such an account if needed, or enable to built-in administrator account). Copy your profile folder to the root of the C: drive or maybe to a USB flash drive. The profile folder will be found either in C:\Documents and Settings or C:\Users.
After doing this, right click the Computer icon and go to Properties. Click on Advanced or Advanced System Settings. Then click on the Settings button under the User Profiles section. Then find your profile and delete it.

The next time you log on as you, the profile will be recreated. Only copy over important documents and media files from your profile backup you made.

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