Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jetdirect Java Error on Web Interface ( )

Problem: When using your web browser to administer a JetDirect unit, the Java applets seem to load but you get errors and you can't navigate the menus.

Resolution: Uninstall Java from your machine and downgrade to Java 6 HERE. (The x86 version is what you want since most browsers are 32bit.) Remove the Java Update Scheduler from your startup (in the registry) so it doesn't upgrade you again. I recommend Autoruns for this.

Alternate Resolution: Use HP Web JetAdmin to administer the JetDirect box. It's sort of unwieldy in my opinion but it is nice to have in an environment where you have lots of HP printer devices on the network.


Karl Stülpner said...

Is there no other solution until now?

Karl Stülpner said...

Is there nobody really interested to solve this problem? HP is very poor at robbing its customers. I would like to use my printer again to scan.

David T. said...


If your scanner is no longer supported by your OS, check out VueScan software: