Friday, April 01, 2016

Stress Testing a Chromebook ( ChromeOS )

If you need to stress test the CPU and memory of a Chromebook, Chromebox, or other ChromeOS device, here are a few tools:

CPU test:
Make sure you use the KeepAwake extension so your Chromebook won't go to sleep during this test.
Close all apps and tabs.
Go to
and set the Folding Power to Full.
Let it run through at least one set of calculations after it downloads the software.
The nice thing about this test is that it works with the Google Native Client so it is running natively to the CPU, not through some layer like Javascript.
IMPORTANT: As of Chrome 57, background tabs will be throttled. So be sure to keep the tab running this in the foreground.

Memory test:
Close all apps and tabs.
Enter the crosh shell with Ctrl+Alt+T
run the command: memory_test
If the command is not available, run sudo dev_install to install it

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