Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Case for Xubuntu

I am using and recommending Linux more so of course I am presented with the question of which distribution to use. Of course Ubuntu gets all the attention. However the Unity desktop is polarizing and I don't like it. Next up is Linux Mint, which is very good. It builds off Ubuntu, providing a classic desktop environment with everything loaded for the average user. However the crazy gotcha in Linux Mint is that automatic updates are not configured by default. You have to install and configure it yourself.
This brings me to Xubuntu, a version of Ubuntu running the XFCE desktop. In days past, Xubuntu was the go to Linux distribution for older machines. Unfortunately, it is not so great on older machines anymore. But it is better than Ubuntu (no Unity desktop) and better than Linux Mint (automatic updates enabled by default). Xubuntu is not a heavy distribution in any case.

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