Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mac (macOS) Printing Outline or Hollow Characters to HP Color LaserJet CP4525

Problem: When your Mac prints to an HP Color LaserJet CP4525, the characters are hollow, like an outline font.

EDIT 5/30/18: Finally resolved this: Do four full calibrations in a row. Go to Configure device > Print quality > Full Calibrate Now. Wait for it to completely finish. Do this three more times, each right after the other, so you'll have to stand at the printer for a little while.

Original attempt to fix: Downgrade the printer firmware to 7.171.9:

Download the 7.171.9 rtu file for the CP4525 from here.
Use an FTP client to FTP to the printer's IP address. Username and password are blank. Put the rfu file in the FTP location, and the printer will automatically begin to load the firmware. Details on this process are here.

Possible culprit: In the changelog for the next firmware version, 7.220.2, the font library is upgraded to 7.3. I suspect this is the problem, and the Mac printer software will require updating to fix it. At this point (5/31/17) the currently available Mac printer software has the problem.

EDIT 6/7/17: This worked, and then the next day the problem came back! Problem does not exist on another of the same printer with the same firmware printing from the same machine. Still considering what might be done about this.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Unable to Tap Connect when Connecting to Wi-Fi in Android

Problem: You are trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network in Android but after entering the information the Connect option can't be tapped. The Cancel option works fine.

Solution: Look for incomplete information. If connecting to a WPA2-Enterprise network, make sure you have not only entered the username/password (identity/password) but also selected a Certificate option from the dropdown. Also if the number of characters entered for the password is not sufficient to match the security of the network you are trying to connect to (especially with WEP) the Connect button will not work.

Android is validating the entries but instead of providing feedback on what you missed, simply disables the Connect button until you figure out how to enter things properly.