Friday, August 25, 2017

Differences between Bomberg (Ben Chayyim) and Stuttgartensia (BHS) Masoretic Text

From David Price. Posted here for the record.

            Stuttgart                    Bomberg (KJV, NKJV)
Prov 8:16   righteousness                earth
Isa 10:16   the Lord, the LORD of hosts  the Lord, the Lord of hosts
Isa 27:2    a pleasant vineyard          a vineyard of red wine
Isa 38:14   the Lord                     the LORD
Jer 34:1    Nebuchadrezzar               Nebuchadnezzar
Ezek 30:18  be held back                 be darkened
Zeph 3:15   fear disaster                see disaster
Mal 1:12    Lord                         LORD

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Also see a partial list of places where the KJV follows the Septuagint. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Like Flies to Honey...

Churches with traditional worship tend to have a lot of legalistic, judgmental people.
The "worship wars," such as they were, were over a long time ago. American Christianity has moved on. Of course as with many issues, the more fundamentalist churches seem to play an eternal game of Dizzy Lizzy around anachronistic "controversies" like music, Bible versions, pants (if you've ever had to agree not to wear "pedal pushers", you were/are probably a fundamentalist), "neo-"evangelicals, etc.
Traditional worship is outside the mainstream, and now simply attracts fringe types with a strong bent towards fundamentalism. This isn't to say that everyone in these churches, or even the leadership, is necessarily that way, at least in the beginning, but it happens over time. Fundamentalism and its attitudes are their own slippery slope.
Every church has its negative types that it attracts. Any particular church builds up a gallery of neuroticism over time. The leadership is happy for the growth, the neurotics are happy to be in a place that seemingly "fits", etc. Then those people start to tear others up with their nonsense, members and staff alike. Sometimes the leadership participates in this neurosis, especially if the leadership was ushered in by said crowd after the previous leadership was run off.
There is no good way to prevent this. It's just the nature of church, and why I prefer to stay out of it.